London Micro Wedding

London Micro Wedding

The onset of the COVID19 pandemic in early 2020 meant that couples planning to get married were left with one question: what next for our wedding plans? Fortunately, it’s nearly impossible to cancel love, which is what led to the emergence and eventual popularization of London micro weddings. While this trend was a hit last year, it appears that couples will still have to contend with mini ceremonies in 2021 as the country continues to remain in lockdown. If unsure of whether to organize a small wedding of your own, read on to learn of some of the benefits that come with this type of wedding.


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London Micro Wedding

Micro Weddings Allow You to Focus On What Matters to the Two of You

The wedding should always be about what matters to the bride and groom. However, anyone who has been through this path before knows too well that the extended family will always have an opinion, or two, on what should be done. At the end of it all, you find yourself making decisions that are aimed at pleasing others instead of making plans that will enable you to enjoy the day of your dreams. London micro weddings allow you to throw all caution out of the window. Through it, you and your partner get to be yourselves, and you get to make meaningful choices by selective love elements.


London Micro Wedding

Less Spotlight and a More Relaxed Vibe

Planning a large wedding is always a stressful affair. You have to worry about everything from the florist to what will happen on the material day. Although you have an option to use a wedding planner, all this stress can be avoided by opting for a small wedding. For couples that don’t like being the center of attention in a room, having fewer guests will mean you have fewer eyes to worry about. As it is, many people get nervous whenever they have to stand in a room filled with their friends and family. Moreover, when you have fewer guests, you are assured that you and your partner will have a comfortable day as you say your I do’s.

London Micro Wedding

Spoil the Guests

All couples planning a wedding hope to give their guests an unforgettable experience on their big day. Your dream is to ensure your wedding will be the best one they have ever attended. However, the reality is that you can’t achieve this feat when you are planning a large gathering. Micro weddings can make your dream of spoiling your guests a reality. Smaller also means getting to ensure the food they will eat will be the best they have ever had at a wedding. You get to personalize the menu (from gifts to drinks) for all the guests that will be in attendance. As a bonus, you could also consider including some special touches that will help every attendee feel incredible about themselves.

London Micro Wedding

The Guest List

Currently, the government has put in place lockdown rules meant to restrict large gatherings in a bid to control the spread of COVID19. One of these rules states that only fifteen people are allowed to attend a wedding ceremony. Regardless of your feelings towards the lockdown rules, this is truly a plus to you, as you only get to invite people who are dearest and closest to you. Traditionally, preparing a guest list poses a lot of problems for those getting married. Family politics, for instance, will eventually come to the forefront and will force you to invite people you don’t know and who you may not have wanted to attend your big day.
By following the law, you get to relax, as you no longer have any unwanted pressure on who to invite and who to leave out. It’s also a chance to celebrate your day with the people who love you and genuinely care about your wellbeing.


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